Constructing company “Building Alliance”, Khmelnitskiy

Constructing company “Building Alliance” has operated in the market of designing, capital constructing and reconstruction since 2002. For these years the company has acquired the status of the most reliable and largest in Khmelnitskiy area. Our company have been through the checking by years of crisis and never lost the trust of partners and clients.

We have designed, built and reconstructed many different objects of different function and different number of storeys, our buildings decorate the city and create comfortable environment as for life and work for thousands people. The residential real estate and a commercial real estate in Khmelnitskiy is designed and constructed by us always in the planned terms, quality of building is checked not only by people, but by time also.

The largest constructing company in Khmelnitskiy area "Building Alliance" performs complex capital development and designing in Ukraine, offering a complete package of services starting from architecturally- building, designing and up to the support of objects. We develop and implement projects of hydraulic engineering, electrotechnical and sanitary networks of various degree of complexity, and we also carry out reconstruction of municipal highways of local and global significance.

Residential real estate of Khmelnitskiy – is one of priority directions of Limited liability company “Building Alliance”. We build multi-storey houses with the improved internal design, with the built in or attached parking, with spaces for offices and shops. We sell apartments either in the new built buildings which are in operation, and buildings which are in the beginning stage of building. Constructing houses of high comfort, we are focused not only on wealthy citizens, but also it is possible to purchase apartment in a new building 1 or 2-roomed apartments, but all of them invariable have high ceilings, individual heating and qualitative decoration.

Own production facilities, the newest equipment and the highly skilled staff are main tools of our construction company, they can solve any the most complicated tasks in designing and building of real estate both in Khmelnitskiy, and all around Ukraine.

We sell:

  • apartments in new buildings (go to section "Real estate Sale" for detailed information);
  • 1-roomed apartments with the area from 37 sq.m.
  • 2-roomed apartments with the area from 56 sq.m.
  • 3-roomed apartments with the area from 97 sq.m.spaces of commercial purpose (offices);
  • offices;
  • shops;
  • garages and parking spaces;
  • etc.;

The improved design, individual heating, the high ceilings, the equipped adjoining territory.

You can be assured that your new apartment is constructed by skilled professionals, with using high technologies and observance of all building and operational rates.

We Build:

  • Apartment houses with different number of storeys and comforts (go to section "We build” for detailed information); 
  • buildings of public and commercial purpose; 
  • industrial and production spaces;

We design:

Specialists of project team develop the complete set of working drawings and the budget documentation to them, beginning from geodetic and geological researches, agree with the project and perform designer's service at all stages of building. Specialists projectors develop not only projects of new apartment houses, but also buildings of various profile purpose:

  • private cottages;
  • trading complexes;
  • complexes of car servicing;
  • cafe, shops;
  • production complexes, offices;
  • etc.

We Reconstruct:

  • existing buildings, including completion and special-purpose designation change;
  • we carry out capital repairs.

The reconstruction of organizations of educational, social, cultural and medical-improving purpose are on our account (go to section “History in a photo” for detailed).

We carry out:

  • Civil and erection works;
  • Installation of engineering networks of water supply, an electrical supply and the sewerage;
  • render services of general contractor