Construction department

Construction department of LLC “Building Alliance” is engaged in executing of the full job complex connected with the building of the new projects, repair and reconstruction of the already existing:

  • geodesic, preparation and earth-moving work;
  • building of monolith, ferroconcrete, iron and wooden constructions;
  • fencing constructions, roofing works;
  • assembly of inside and outside engineering networks and communication;
  • arrangement of networks: engineering, hydro technical, mining buildings, technological equipment (air pump station, lift station);
  • setting up operations of all directions;
  • we manage the technical and authorial control and other works according to the activities foreseen by the statute of the enterprise and issued licenses for the executing building activity.

The main advantages of the constructor department in our company, comparing to the other building companies, are:

  • Highly qualified staff, which enables to heighten the quality of executed works and to shorten the terms of execution;
  • Improvement of the technical equipment, soft wear and raising the qualification of the specialists;
  • Efficient activity coordination of the departments; • constant control over the quality of works and services;
  • Flexible treatment to each customer;
  • Guaranteed term for the completed works;
  • Big experience in arrangement of construction and fulfilment of massive building-installation, electric- installation, starting-up operations at the housing, production and industrial projects;
  • Adoption of necessary documents at the controlling bodies.

Our company has at our disposal our own production capacities covering all production stages –from the projecting up to the maintenance of the building projects, as well as a big park of special technical facilities, transport means and our own base for production of individual orders for metal constructions and wood. We use reliable dome systems PERI for the most rapid and qualitative building of monolith constructions.