ТОВ „ПРЕЛЮДІЯ”, Прибузька, 20/1, 70-13-90

    LLC “PRELUDIYA:, Prybuzka str. 20/1, tel.701390

- Industrial ventilation
- Air heating
- Central conditioning systems
- systems of automatic control over intellectual buildings


СЕРВІСНИЙ ЦЕНТР “ПРЕЛЮДІЯ”, Пр. Миру, 62а, т. 72-01-08, 72-00-81   Service Centre LLC “PRELUDIYA:, Prybuzka str. 20/1, tel.701390

Installation, connection, repair and servicing of appliances. Direct contacts with representatives of the companies like BEKO, SAMSUNG, ZANUSSI, INDEZIT, LG etc. Site:


МАГАЗИН „МАКСІ ДОМ”, Прибузька, 20/1,т. 70-13-80

STOREHOUSE “MAXI DOM” Prybuzka str. 20/1, tel. 701380
Modern home appliances, plasma panels and LCD-TVs, digital video and photo cameras, Hi-Fi components etc



SUPERMARKET of BUILDING INSTRUMENTS “CVYAKH” Chornovola str.23, tel. 701350

The first and the largest in the city self-service storehouse, selling construction and decoration materials. Brick, cement, dry construction mixtures, plaster slab systems, plastic lining and MDF, thermal covering, wood fiber slabs, flake boards, laminboard, armor-plated doors, Laminated floor, skit boards, counter ceiling, Lac, ready-mix paints, paint instruments, electrics, water supply, sanitary equipment, ceramics, electric instrument
-ordering of the goods by phone
-special conditions for building companies
-special conditions for the builders and master workmen
-flexible discount system for regular customers
-credit selling of construction materials
-cash and cashless payments
-deliveries around the city and region.


    DESIGN STUDIO “Burzhua”, Primakova str.52, tel.700-165, 700-812

Interior designs creations – starting from the design development up to the furniture, lighting, various accessories, decoration elements, and textile design. Decoration and stylization of interiors. Visualization. Complex approach. Authoritive support. Exclusive wall paper made in Italy and Germany.


   STOREHOUSE “Burzhui” Pr. Mira 62a, tel. 701370

Kitchens “Inter Style”, “Roda”, “Domino”, “Gorenje”. Upholstered furniture, beddings “Ekmi”, exclusive bedroom furniture “Mirt”, tables, chairs (Czech republic production), furniture “Rotang-Prestige”, furniture of Romanian production: bedroom-, sitting-room-, dining room furniture, Upholstered furniture “Yavoryna”, office furniture “DLS”, children furniture “CILEK”, Décor.


   STOREHOUSE “Romanian furniture” Chornovola str.23, tel.70-13-77

Sitting-room, dining room furniture, study, Upholstered furniture “Yavoryna”. The furniture of the best quality made of ecologically clean wood of noble spices, of different styles and direction. Simple and elegant for the modern taste, classical and refined for those, who follows the tradition.



    KITCHEN EMPIRE “INTER STYLE” Primakova str.52, tel 700-812

Elite sets of classic and modern furniture for kitchens and sitting-rooms made of wood after individual orders. Qualified managers help you to make the projecting of one’s kitchen, professionally choosing the built-in facilities, kitchen accessories. The guarantee is 24 months. Free of charge projecting and installation. The visit of designer at any address within the territory of the region.



   KITCHEN STUDIO “Roda” Primakova 52, tel.700-812

New collection of the “Roda” kitchens – is an individual space for life. The studio “Roda” is presenting the kitchens of premium class. Professional selection of built-in facilities and kitchen accessories. 24 month guarantee. Free of charge projecting and installation. The visit of designer at any address within the territory of the region.


   UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE “EKMI” Primakova str.52, tel 700-812

Comfortable and stylish sofas, arm-chairs, corner sofas, beds, beddings. For the creation of “Ekmi” furniture leather and textile of Italian origin is used. 3 year guarantee. You can also find in the storehouse decoration accessories like tables and stands, photo frames, lamps and pin-up lamps, carpets made of webbed thread.


   SHOWROOM “Meblevy Ryad” Primakova str.52, tel 700-812

Cabinet furniture made in Italy, Romania, Malaysia, Poland, Spain, Ukraine: tables, chairs, dressing tables, bureaus, display cabinets, beds and bedside chests, bedrooms, chest of draws, sofas, corner sofas, canteburies. Italian furniture Giaretta made of natural wood, Romanian furniture, drop-forged furniture “Bali”, rattan furniture “Rattan-prestige”, upholstered furniture “Yavoryna”, collection of Italian décor “Toscana”, drawings, souvenirs, candlesticks, napkins, home textile.


SHOWROOM of Childish and Teenager furniture “SKANDAL” Primakova str.52, tel 700-812

Collection of childish and teenager furniture includes designs, developed with consideration of child psychology. This furniture helps to create comfortable, harmonious and functional planning of child’s territory at home. Ecologically clean and safe materials. Big choice of toys, pillows with cartoon heroes, carpets, accessories. 5 year guarantee.


  CURTAIN SHOWROOM “EUROPEAN CURTAIN” Primakova str.52, tel 700-812

The visit of designer (measuring of the window area, sketching, model choosing, choosing the style of the area). Selecting of exclusive fabrics (Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, and Italy). Selection and montage of curtain tracks. Curtains: Rome, French, Austrian, Japanese, mansard, arched. Coverlets, baldachins, pillows. Blinds, rollets, plisse. Curtain tracks, decorative, profile, drop-forged, plastic, and childish