Project department

The qualified and timely timely projects’ developing is guaranteed by high qualified and experienced staff, including more than 30 specialists like: architects, constructors, electrical and sanitary engineers. Their work spaces are equipped by the modern office appliances and licensed soft wear.

Our specialists have taken part in exhibitions and have won the contracts by tender.

The main function of the project department is:

  • Providing of the full set of project and budget documents, which should correspond to the constructional demands;
  • Accurate fulfillment of the contractual obligations connected to the terms and quality of the mentioned project and budget documents; • Architectural and constructural projecting of different grade of complexity;
  • Projecting of inside and outside engineering networks, systems and buildings; • Technological projecting of the units;
  • Collection of initial data, settling of the projects, including expertise, laboratory research and fullfiling of the function of the general project engineering.
  • Authorities’ inspection at the construction unit;
  • Reconstruction and renovation of the houses and buildings;
  • Performing other work according to the activities foreseen by the statute of the company and the licenses issued for the execution of the projecting activity.

Cottage or production unit, trade square or school, office or bank institution, engineering networks and communications, new exclusive project or reconstruction project – is our job which is aimed to embody the most challenging ideas, according to the modern tendencies of projecting and design. Combining the comfort and functional facilities, accenting individuality, that’s a real art, the demand of modern life and our main task, which we fulfil in our everyday work for people.

The development of the project department is foreseen in mastering and installation of the methods of project management in everyday work on the small and large projects, improvement of the existing processes, developing of the cooperation experience with home and foreign colleagues and customers.

Among the famous projects of the department we may mention:

  • Framed-monolith houses at Primakova str.52, Zarichanska str.5/2, Starokonstyantynovskoe shosse 26/2 in Khmelnitsky; • Brick-built house at Shevchenko str.11, Starokonstyantynivskoe shosse 3A, Zarichanskaya str.57/1, Prospect Mira 84/2A in Khmelnitsky;
  • The projects of the shopping centres in Khmelnitsky at Podilska str.21, Teatralna str. 9/1;
  • The reconstruction projects of administrative building of regional employment centres in Izyaslav, Volochisk, Khmelnitsky;
  • Working reconstruction projects for the “Ukrprombank” Mayorskogo str.16, Shevchenko str.8, Teatralna str.24 in Khmelnitsky;
  • Working reconstruction project of the Kamyanec-Podilsky branch of the “Ukreximbank” D.Galickogo str.3 in Kamyanec-Podilsky;
  • Working reconstruction project of the office of OAO”Kreditprombank” ,Kamyanecka str.52/2 in Khmelnitsky;
  • Working reconstruction projects of non-residential building for the branch of AKB “Tas- Commerzbank” in Khmelnitsky, Teatralna str.38, Proskurovska str.58, Kamyanec-Podilsky, Dragomanova str.12;
  • Production unit “Viks-Filtron”(production of air and oil filters for trucks and automobiles) in Krasyliv;