Service department

The separate stages of the complex approach of LLC “Building Alliance” in house building was the creation our own housing-exploitation organization “Building Alliance Service” in June, 9th 2006. The main aim of which, as well as well known housing exploitation office, was to preserve the houses under control by means of the proper household activity and timely capital, everyday works and repairs, providing clock-work equipment and facilities functioning, saving the households in a proper sanitary conditions, guaranteeing the inhabitants’ accurate treatment to the apartments and buildings as a whole, improvement of living and household conditions of dwellers.

Private enterprise “Building Alliance Service” is a legal body, having own account, statute fond, lead by the managing director, appointed by the owner. Managing director is acting in all his activities both economical and organizational in a close cooperation with the dwellers of the building. He is holding the meetings with owners of the apartments, solving the burning questions. Economical functions at the enterprise are fulfilled directly by the staff (locksmiths, sanitary technicians, electricians, janitors), and with the help of municipal service providers and subcontractor organizations like repair organizations, garbage removal organizations, elevator servicing, boiler house servicing etc).

Every dweller of the house is served by “Building Alliance Service” has a signed contract with the enterprise about “services on household, building and neighbouring territory presented”. The subject of this contract is different services which include: passport service provided, issuing of pay books and references for the owners of apartments, providing the security of the building, cleaning of the stairways and garbage removal, cleaning of the territory around the building, servicing of the water and heat supply systems, water drain system, canalization, underground floor cleaning, technical stage and roof cleaning etc.

Besides this, dwellers may receive additional services by means of signing additional agreements. The main advantage of “Building Alliance Service” as part of the complex treatment peculiar to LLC “Building Alliance” is its being well informed about functioning of each of house, which is already in exploitation, about the functioning of appliances and facilities, the system of inside and outside networks.

The population has got a negative attitude towards the activities of housing-exploitation offices. Nowadays housing-exploitation offices give way to the more dynamic and highly professional organizations. The aim of “Building Alliance Service” is to show all the dwellers of the served houses the qualitative service, as the principle measure of enterprise’s activity and the satisfaction of its customers.